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Someone get me a clean pair of underwear... - 98%

ABHORRED, January 13th, 2003

These Swedes just continue to do it time and again...Could it be something in their drinking water? Whatever it is, they have no problems churning out instant Metal classics. Vomitory's fourth long player is so instant and infectious, in fact...That I can almost guarantee with a complete certainty that within the first listen and your first read throughout the lyrics, You'll be growling right along with Mr. Rundqvist. It's THAT catchy. However, for some of you that unfortunately persist in thinking that hooks and "brutality" cannot co-exist. Give the song Nail, Quartered, Consumed a listen! Your foot will go in your mouth quicker than In Flames sells out San Francisco. It seems these days Metal Blade has been redeeming their roster in ways, signing bands such as Vehemence, Vader, etc. If Vomitory are any testament of what's to come from this supposedly extinct Metal monolith, They could yet again become a major player in the scene. In closing, I would like to say that this album is everything good Death Metal should be: fast, punishing, relentless, and above all DEATH. Those limp wristed Gothenburg charlatans don't have a thing on Vomitory. Seek elsewhere for self-indulgent wankery and "progression". BUY THIS NOW