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Vomitile - Pure Eternal Hate - 90%

Edmund Sackbauer, June 15th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Satanath Records (Limited edition)

With an album title like „Pure Eternal Hate” potential listeners might get quite a concrete idea of what to expect before hitting the play button. The album cover is reminiscent of other (better known) “War Death Metal” acts like Hail of Bullets or the mighty Bolt Thrower. The font and band name seem to be more than just a tribute to the famous Vomitory and this comparison is not too far off.

On “Pure Eternal Hate” Vomitile are presenting some timeless, balls-to-the-wall Death Metal. Not the type of stuff you have to sit around and dissect the influences or the technical patterns or the country of origin, but the kind of death metal that just speaks for itself. Pure, raw energy that gives you that burst of aggression and fury to make it through the day.

Having gained some reputation in their home country Cyprus by playing shows on a regular basis the band released two albums on “Horror Pain Gore Death Productions” and “Pitch Black Records” before signing with Satanath for their third effort. "Creating Mountains with the dead Bodies" is the first text line of opener “Mass Extermination”. Accompanied by galloping riffs and brutal drumming this song sets the tone for the following 37 minutes of relentless and extreme music.

Similar to their obvious heroes Vomitory the Cypriots include elements from various styles of Death Metal in their music while being rooted in the traditional Old School vein. Most of the time Vomitile are operating in full throttle mode at breakneck speed. However, in songs like “Nothing But Pain” the tempo slows down giving the music even more intensity acting as a contrast to the faster parts. This approach has already worked out for bands like Bolt Thrower and it is no different here. The stomping yet groovy main riff makes this one a favorite of mine.

You can call Vomitile copy cats but at least their approach of being open for a broader range of influences led to them being more creative in the songwriting department compared to the average DM band. Each song can easily be distinguished from one another. While some are your classic genre hymns with blast-beats and chainsaw guitars others concentrate on moodier parts or melodic hooks. The drumming is aggressive but never chaotic. Variation is something I am often missing on DM albums but this is certainly not the case here. There are even moments where the music is completely slowed down in the middle of the track before a new build-up starts giving the songs another dimension. Although all songs feel very classic and I could not shake off the feeling of “heard-it-all-before” there is not one boring moment to be found here.

The instrumentation is fantastic throughout the whole album. With such raw and catchy riffs, slow or fast, each song is worth playing loud as hell. The low tone of the bass and the slightly down-tuned guitars create a heavy and thick atmosphere. That being said the real highlight here are the vocals. Aggressive and delivered in mid-range every single word of the lyrics can be perfectly understood.

The production is powerful and punchy while adding just the right amount of putridity. All instruments can be heard and no detail gets buried in the mix. It is pretty obvious that Vomitile have made a huge step forward with this album. I hope they can build on that momentum and continue to work on their strengths. Although 2018 has been a great year for Death Metal so far “Pure Eternal Hate” is up there with the best.