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South American Slayer - 79%

TheStormIRide, December 22nd, 2015

Blackened thrash metal from the heart of Argentina, Vomit of Doom have been thrashing away with reckless abandon since forming in 2009. The debut full length album, Obey the Darkness, dropped in August of 2015 through a joint release between Satanath Records and Hell Productions. The music is energetic and exudes a blackened, sweltering aura that only South American bands can really seem to conjure these days, despite countless hordes attempting a similar sound.

On my first play through the album, I had to check to make sure that I wasn't listening to some South American blackened thrashing death metal band playing Slayer covers, because the riffing is damn near close to straight up copying "Angel of Death" on "Perversecution". And while the riffs do continue to exude that rampant, fast paced palm muting with quick bursts of catchy power chords and melodic licks that permeated Slayer's early career, Vomit of Doom does steer things in a more vicious, blackened direction as the album goes on.

Basically, Vomit of Doom takes that fast paced thrashing and mixes in doses of acerbic blasting and some pretty killer growled shouts. The end result is a blackened dose of death thrash that pays homage to both the sweltering climes of South America and the early thrash scene. I know I mentioned Slayer before, as the band's chaotic, fast paced riffing does lean their way, but the band's sound probably owes more to the early Teutonic scene than the American scenes because of their heavy handed leaning towards death metal throughout a lot of the album.

The CD version adds a few demo tracks which are cool, but don't really flow well with the album proper. Obey the Darkness is a rampant and chaotic blackened thrash metal monster that fans of Sarcófago and Slayer will enjoy equally. I imagine the results of shoving Reign in Blood, I.N.R.I. and Obsessed by Cruelty into a blender would sound something like this. A solid debut from an up and coming band.