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Best Thrash I've Heard In A While - 95%

NickBlaze, December 25th, 2005

When I first heard this album, I was sheerly blown away. Every aspect about it is superb. Each and every member is incredibly talented and deserve much praise. Nov has a rough voice which tends to go harsh at times. In my opinion, his voice makes this band one of the manliest bands out there. She-Je is just an amazing guitarist. His style tends to change from traditional solos straight to mind-blowing neo-classically influenced solos, then back to traditional. Every note is perfect. Their drummer also has massive hordes of talent and he has excellent timing as well. When the solos pick up at their best part, he'll rapidly hit the double bass pedals and blow your ears away.

Each song in itself is rather unique, but utilizes great moments from other songs in the album. The solos don't sound the same, but they definately have the same feel to them: awesome. Overall, the vocals aren't the high-point; She-Ja and the drummer are, but the vocals fit very well and are much unlike most clean vocals. There's not a moment of this album you'll dislike, unless you hate Nov's great voice. I suppose some peopel may, if they're not highly into harsh vocals, but that's what makethis band great.

I highly recommend checking this album out, as it will own you in every way possible. Possibly Japan's best thrash band in a long time.