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Awesome Melodic Thrash from Japan - 93%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, July 9th, 2008

This album always astonished me. When it came out, it was one of the greatest surprises for the metal journalists everywhere and, surely, also for the metalheads that loved thrash/speed metal with melody. Well, with member from Gargoyle and Youthquake you could expect something like this but anyway, I was really surprised. They are all great musicians and this album is surely one of the greatest metal outputs of the new millennium.

Their style is, as I said, a hyper dynamic, technical and melodic thrash metal. Sounds good? OK, now try it. The classic thrash metal influences come from the Bay Area, from the bands-originators in California and, mostly, from the more melodic bands in this field. The lead guitars are essential to give the melody in this sound and the lead guitarist She-Ja can be seen as a total worshipper for the Alex Skolnick style that is expressed in the sense of melody that comes along with the hyper technical and melodic parts.

In several parts you can really hear the resemblance to early Testament for the always well balanced brutality with the melody. The speed is always quite high, like in “Ghost” song for example, but what astonishes the most is the intensity of this sound. Even when they are not on up tempo, the songs result equally powerful and full of tons of catchy and excellent riffs. “Brain Dance” shows several stop and go with a schizophrenic end and a beautiful melodic solo.

The singer is truly in U.D.O. style for the tonality and the raspy vocals. The melodic thrash and these vocals are perfect in this mixture and give variety to an already great sound. The melodic guitars break can be found in different parts, spread all around the CD. The production is truly clean and pounding and it’s sufficient to look where the album was recorded to have an idea of the power these Japanese guys can put out.

It’s useless to mark out every single melodic break because it’s impossible but “Fear Of Scarlet” and “Cloud Covers” could sum up everything on this field with the piano parts and the awesome solos. The melodies and the angry parts run after each other in a circle of pure pleasure for my ears. Believe me, this is a non common album for thrash metal, especially when it comes from the year 2000. Sometimes it has been too overlooked just because it came from Japan but these guys could seriously kick asses to the most of the modern thrash metal bands from other countries. Give them a chance and they won’t disappoint you.