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Volcanic Slut - Blasphemaster

Volcanic Slut - Blasphemaster - 75%

TexanCycoThrasher, August 10th, 2018

Don’t you love a surprise?

That’s what this EP, this lone ripple on the waters of extreme metal that is Volcanic Slut’s Blasphemaster is to me. Mostly it was down to the music on this short burst of wax that threw me off. The artwork, the record label putting it out (Vinyl Rites) all pointed towards Raw Black Metal in my mind. Hell even the band’s name, a very obvious early Sodom reference, pointed that way for me. But was I taken aback that Volcanic Slut was a thrash metal band.

And this is strange, because the EP dropped right in the middle of the big “Retro-Thrash” trend, and sounds nothing like any of the other bands of that time frame. This 7”, is rough around the edges and practically feral. The first thoughts that come to my mind when I hear this is “Signs of Life” era Devastation, in the loose, unrestrained speed of this coupled with the hoarse, reverb drenched vocals. All of this truly benefits Volcanic Slut, makes them stick out in a sea of drunken battle vests and sloppy Tankard worship.

It’s a shame however, how short this EP is. Its come and gone before you can really get a hold on it, and there’s really nothing that sticks out beyond the whirlwind of speed. Neither of these are necessarily a bad thing, but when this is the only thing that the band ever released its kind of a bummer.

This band’s dent on extreme metal was abridged by the people who made it, namely bass player Pat Brady who has gone on to the mildly successful post punk band, Merchandise. Even so, The Blasphemaster EP is a nice change of pace in the sea of Retro Thrash releases, as short as it is. If you like Texas’ Death masters Devastation definitely hunt this puppy down. This 7” is mad cheap on discogs right now.