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Eh? What's with this alternative crap? - 40%

MetalThunder, April 4th, 2003

Complete with their new bassist, Jason Newsted, Voivod have released their new self-titled album. Being only a casual listener of VoiVod for some time, I reviewed this album with an open mind. However, this stance did not help my view of the album overall -- it's disappointing.

The album starts off with a terrible punk/hard rock song that has absolutely no originality. The vocals are extremely annoying and droning. The second track, "Facing Up," isn't much better and has an alternative rock/metal sound to it. Not good at all!

It is not till the third song called "Blame Us" that metal is actually played! And it's quite good metal aswell. This song could easily have been stolen from Annihilator as it sounds very similar to a lot of Annihilator's work, apart from the fact that Annihilator have better vocals.

But alas, they return to the alternative rock/metal sound on the next song. I felt like throwing away the CD at this point, but I continued the review for the sake of you guys! I want to help save you all the $10-$15 this album costs - spend it on something good instead, like Mourning Beloveth. The rest of the album continues on the same pattern - alternative rock/metal, mixed in with some good riffs here and there. Some of the better songs on the album are "The Multiverse," "Reactor," and "We Carry On."

"Reactor is probably my favorite track on the album as it is a lot more thrashy than the rest of the tracks. It also has better riffs...

In the end I will probably sell or trade this CD. If you were looking for some good thrash from Voivod, you'll be disappointed. I suggest you check out Hypnosia of Usurper instead.