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Very bad quality but charming and authentic - 69%

kluseba, October 6th, 2010

This DVD features a concert of the band that has been captured by three cameras for the Japanese television. The choice of the set list is quite well done and includes the greatest hits from the band between their heavy debut album "War and pain" and their progressive rock masterpiece "Angel rat". I only regret that songs from the last two studio albums and Piggy's heritage are not included in the set list at all. This concert features a reunited band with "Blacky" who is back on the bass guitar and the new guitar player Daniel "Danimal" Mongrain who plays the songs as tight and emotional as former guitar player "Piggy" who has passed away. The singer "Snake" dedicates this concert and especially the last song "Astronomy domine" to their old friend and band member. The sound quality of the songs is only of an average quality and because of only three stable cameras, the shooting of the concert is not very dynamic and somehow boring.

The additional shooting of three songs played in Quebec city is even worse. The camera is moving and shaking all the time and this shooting seems more to be based on a spontaneous decision or a little surprising gag.

The documentary "Seeking Voivod" wants to be a hommage to the band by some of their French Canadian fans, but the video is somehow confusing and doesn't have a straight idea or concept.

The interview with Dave Grohl is quite interesting as he talks a lot about the band and his impressions but it would have been even more interesting to let him talk with the band member on a round table. I really ask myself why and how Dave Grohl has been chosen to give this interview and I must conclude that this is some filler material.

All in all, the quality of this DVD isn't really that good but the concert shootings are at least very authentic and straight and fit to the unique and weird style of the band while the extras on the DVD are mostly unnecessary. I would only recommend this DVD to the "hard core fans" of the band who already know and accept the bad quality of the band's DVDs and live recordings. Personally, I still watch this DVD from time to time and I like the energy of the main concert.