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The title speaks volumes for this album - 95%

natrix, December 12th, 2005

I normally agree with Ultraboris, but this is one case where we clearly disagree. I also really disagree with people who think that this is the worst Voivod album. I think it's their best, and I don't like their newer material very much.

The production is crap, but I really dig that. The thing comes across as Voivod at their most vicious, and probably least technical. Piggy doesn't use a lot of the strange chords on here, but there's enough variety in the guitar department to make this an original album. Black's blower bass is loud, clunky and destructive, a perfect mix of Cliff Burton and Cronos. Snake's vocals are nasty and loud, much better than his "punky" or "melodic" vocals which he starts using later in Voivod's career. Away's drumming is fast, very punkish, but controlled.

I can't think of a better title to a song than "Korgull the Exterminator." Hilarious! "Fuck Off and Die" has a nifty thrashy riff in the beginning, with a lovely chorus. "Slaughter In A Grave" is my favorite track on here. The chorus always has a meaty riff behind it, and the soloing is loud and in your face. It's got a bit of the strange chords in it, but still thrashy. "Ripping Headaches," ah! Headbanging splendor, with another great solo. "Thrashing Rage" has an excellent opening riff that simply kills, and runs you under the treads of some ugly machine, just like on the cover.

Shit, this is one of those things that go great for drinking beer, thrashing around, or whatever endeavor you want. A fun album that can be enjoyed front to back, but also analyzed a bit by the more discerning metalhead. This reminds me of Sepultura's Morbid Visions in terms of nasty production giving it an added edge, with a bit of Possessed's quirky riffs thrown in, but a creation entirely Voivod.