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Straight in your face again - 62%

kluseba, October 6th, 2010

This album is the only album in the whole Voivod discography which isn't an improvement or a change in style in comparison to the previous album. This is a very fast, aggressive thrash metal approach with some dark, hypnotically and almost industrial approaches, an interesting mixture somewhere in between the sound of their idols "Motörhead", "Megadeth" and "Venom" plus an unique approach, the special certain something that this band always had and will always have.

This one sounds really much like the first album minus some really catchy and energetic songs. It seems to me that the band has written about twenty songs and put the best ones on the first album and the weaker ones on this album to present as fast as possible something new to their record label and their fans.

While there is nothing innovating about this album, I must admit that it really addicting, straight, easy to listen to, compact, energetic and agressive. Voivod sound very heavy and motivated and there is a certain "live" sound on this album that goes straight in your face, even more than the more diversified and interesting debut album. This is what makes this album interesting and why I would class it above an album like "Voivod" and not talk about it as the weakest one in their discography.