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Classic Voivod - 98%

automg, September 30th, 2005

It is unfair to compare Voivod to Venom or any other early thrash/speed metal acts, because there is much more to Voivod's sound than just those influences. The simplistic listener who is looking for nothing more than the aformentioned style of music, this album may seem boring. To the more discriminating metal listener, the uniqueness and complexity of the music is unmistakable. Voivod's sound stems from Piggy's unique guitar playing which combines basic thrash structures with strange and dissonant sounding chords. Snake's vocals, although not as developed as on later albums, offer slightly more than the typical thrash growls that are the norm for the genre, incorporating a sense of tone to the vocals. The lyrics, written by French-speaking Canadians, convey a range sci-fi and war-related themes, to more simple messages, "I'm gonna tear some wimp rockers limb from limb."

Overall, this album is exemplary of Voivod's style that transcends the conventions of early thrash metal into a realm of unique musical wierdness. The use of chords and more complex song structures distinguish Voivod from much of the average thrash. This album is somewhat experimental, though to a lesser degree than later releases, making it not for the average listener, but those with a greater appreciation of music will be pleasantly surprised.