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Sci-fi Masterpiece! - 94%

avidmetal, February 5th, 2010

I'll make it clear that the lyrics, Themes and the overall direction of this album makes absolutely no sense. I do not recommend this to anybody as i don't think this is something one would want blasting through their speakers on a saturday night. This album has a weird feel that gets you hooked, Much in the same fashion as drugs or alcohol. That's the best way i can begin to describe this.

There is no angst, social commentary, politics, sex or any of those themes, All we have is strangely disconnected science fiction and randomly put-together sequences of words and catchy choruses. The guitarwork has a distinct futuristic vibe to them, Almost as if this music made it's way here from another planet. The vocals fit well with the instrumentals, Makes you wonder why the vocalist used such painful and unbearable vocals on their first three records, take 'War and pain' for example, which had really terrible vocals. Most of us oldies know that voi-vod nearly hit it big back when this album was released, A couple of music videos from this band were floating around TV.

The material on this album is extremely original, Unlike pretty much anything you'll hear from any other crossover/progressive thrash metal band. There are really no outstanding soloing on this album. The drumming is extremely solid if a little unremarkable if you're looking for individual brilliance. The choruses are very catchy and the vocalist's new approach make them memorable. Take the song "Into my hypercube" for instance, Some of the lyrics are

"Transient illusion
Clairvoyant suspension
Translucid condition
Principal connection"

Does that make any sense?. Well. Absolutely not. Not even an extremely nerdy star wars fan can make sense of those lyrics. But they are addictive as hell. This strange brand of "noise" is very original and is a higher work of art. They are certainly one of the more creative bands and a band who where "light years" ahead of the rest. If there are aliens out there in the universe. I'm pretty sure this is what they would be listening to. The themes aren't very clear but after a few spins you will likely get the thought process behind the song writing. The themes here are not much different to movies like "The matrix", Machines making humans etc on the track "nothingface"

The best track on the album is "nothingface", which is the title track. The lyrics are very catchy. Snake's older vocals would never work here. There is an increased sense of atmosphere here rather than the uncontrolled chaos of his original vocal style. The album is produced pretty well. The guitars sound sharp, The drumming is leveled well among the rest of the noise. The bass is audible. "Pre-ignition" is another good track. Snake's vocal range is actually very limited but he does know how to make good use of it. The sound is overall very smooth and flows very well, Despite having some pace changes, It never really falls under it's own weights. There are some "Poppy" sections on some of the tracks which makes this more likely to attract mainstream music fans than their previous efforts.

Try some of the songs before getting this album, It may take a while before you can start enjoying this one. The average "brutalz" metalhead could never make heads and tails of this one. If nothing makes sense to you, Try getting high and this album will make sense to you. Voi-vod rule!.