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Back from the DEAD - 98%

Alabaster Sheets, November 12th, 2012

Mechanical Mind is our first taste of the NEW Voivod put to vinyl since the death of founding member, Piggy (not counting Katorz and Infini which were kulled from Piggy's demos). Unlike the past few Voivod releases, the Mechanical Mind single gives us that classic Voivodian prog/thrash dissonance combined with epic tempo changing song structure. It is much more reminiscent of their seminal works like Dimension Hatross, Nothingface and even hints at the epic Jack Luminos from the Outer Limits.

This sprawling epic times in at over 7.5 minutes and very much showcases the talents of new guitarist Daniel Mongrain and the return of original bassist, "Blacky" jean-Yves Theriault. Voivod has spent the past few years touring heavily, playing 95% of classic material around the world. It seems on this release that the revisiting of their earlier works have gotten them much more in touch with what made this band special in the first place. Don't get me wrong, Katorz and Infini had their moments, but as a whole, were a much different band. Having Blacky back on the Blower Bass makes a huge difference. Mechanical Mind is a much more, tribal, rhythmic experience.

The vinyl single: limited to a total of 1,000 pieces is available in Translucent red, blue (200 each) and standard black (600). Side B has a cool graphic etched in it and is packaged in a nice, hand numbered printed sleeve. A very cool release for the Voivod vinyl enthusiast. If their back catalogue gives us any clues, these babies will sell out fast and fetch a pretty penny on the collectors market.

One can only hope that the upcoming "Target Earth" album will be as strong as the single. If so, its going to be one hell of an album.