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Time To Smack Down UltraBoris! - 100%

corviderrant, February 17th, 2004

The title of this review is tongue waaaay in cheek, as I respect UltraBoris' opinions most of the time. But when it comes to this album, whoa, waitafuckinminnit, my friend! What were you smoking when you listened to it, so I can avoid it in the future?

I fondly remember getting this album in 1986 (still have it on vinyl!) and being utterly blown away. Why? Because, after two raw, primitive Motorhead/Discharge-influenced efforts that were good but not great to me at the time, this was the album that made me take Voi Vod seriously and understand where they were coming from as a band with their concept. OK, the production is a bit thin, but it is better and cleaner than before, and everyone just got a huge charge of energy on this album, as well as the increased musical ability that comes from constant touring.

Piggy's guitar sound and style are unique to him and him alone, and on this album he scrapes, squeals, scratches, and riffs his way to manic godhead. His fills and soloing have lots of character as well, unpredictable and full of left turns. Blacky and Away, oh my gawd...those guys owned this album. Epecially on the furious "Overreaction" and "Ravenous Medicine" (the video for the latter tune is awesome as well--try to find the Noise Records "Doomsday News" video compilation to see it), they roar along like a diesel engine from hell, unstoppable in their energetic assault. The arrangements on this album are fabulous as well; complex, flowing, jagged, wildly unpredictable (to use that word again, as it is accurate), full of vigor and crazed lyrical excursions courtesy of Denis "Snake" Belanger. Snake is the voice of Voi Vod, no two ways about it. Eric Forrest was good, but Snake is his own man and voice altogether. Without him, Voi Vod was not the same, and I'm glad he's back at the helm.

This whole album rocked my world back then and still does to this day. Sorry, UltraBoris, but I disagree wholeheartedly with your assessment of this album as crap. It's too near and dear to my heart to think otherwise.