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A great "compilation" album - 75%

kluseba, October 6th, 2010

This very last album with Piggy on the guitar is one of the most diversified albums of the band and though there are some interesting science-fiction conceptual sound samples which connect the songs, this albums has somehow the mood of a compilation album.

It is a very good compilation album without any doubt. Spacey and weird guitar notes during the highlight "Global warning", diversified changes of styles and interesting elements in "Volcano" or straight rock influences in "Treasure chase", this album has it all. It is maybe the best album for the newbie’s if they want to get introduced to the world of Voivod. There are thrash and punk elements which are connecting to the early works of the band, progressive rock and metal elements which connect to their albums from the end of the eighties and beginning of the nineties, industrial elements and even grunge influences from the mid-nineties and dirty rock and roll influences from the more recent albums.

The only problem is that the album doesn't have its certain own style and uniqueness and there are sadly a few fillers on the album like "Destroy after reading". If you are ready to accept the cut-to-pieces compilation style in regard and honour to the integration of Piggy's final works, you will discover a very easy to listen "best of" from a great band and a final chapter of another big episode in the world of Voivod.

But don't think that this was the last thing the band has to say. I spoke to the members and they want to continue with the new guitar player “Danimal”, they are already trying out some things in the studio and a new chapter may begin.