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Voivod is Back!!! - 93%

Madman, January 12th, 2003

Well, I downloaded this off the net about two weeks ago and everytime I get on the computer I am always listening to these songs!!! To say that these 3 songs are a return to the better years of the band is an understatement, the style is very close to the last three albums Snake was on but slightly updated and a bit more straight forward. The return of Snake and introduction of Jason Newsted has apparently ignited the band to write better songs that aren't just about being heavy.

The first song, "Gasmask Revival", is an uptempo rocker and has an awesome riff to it. The chorus is good and Snake sings slightly different than the old days. Giving a bit more of a rasp to his voice as opposed to the clean drone of the last few albums he was on.

"Rebel Robot" is the second song and is a mid-tempo song. The chorus is really catchy, although it sounds familiar somehow. Almost like it's from a popular pop or rock song...well atleast the rhythm of the vocals. It's still damn good but there's something extremely familiar about the chorus.

The final song, "We Carry On", is in the same vein as "Gasmask Revival" although it's a bit more restrained...they kind of hold back during the verse but this creates a nice release when the chorus comes in. Probably the weakest of the three but it's still very good.

Overall, Voivod takes a step back and a step forward at the same time with these three songs and I can only hope the rest of their new album is half as good.