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Underrated Cosmic Rock Album - 85%

TowardsMorthond, June 28th, 2012

After achieving the pinnacle of their musical objective with the complex futurism of Nothingface, Voivod produce the most accessible work of their career with Angel Rat, essentially a melodic rock album whose songs have more in common with alternative rock than progressive rock or speed metal.

“the time is coming
the world is dying
I'm more than worried”

These are directly engaging songs defined by catchy pop-style melodic choruses, with noticeable elements of post-punk, bearing only a distant resemblance to previous albums. Relaxed and even lighthearted at times, the songs range from simple up-tempo melodic rock to dreamy and cosmic-rock ballads, very well-written and appealing for their elegant expression of conceptual substance and the band’s characteristic quirky charm.

Snake’s distinct vocals are at their most melodic and expressively diverse, while Piggy’s dissonant riffs mostly take the shape of atmospheric rock riffs using eccentric chord shapes, along with classy rock-style solos, as a lurking bass guitar provides a strange creeping pulse in rhythmic constructions that are far more conventional than before.

“tomorrow we will know
something about the code
salvation's on its way
in the light of today
cloud of all destiny
ghost of reality
nobody can detect
the butterfly effect”

A spacey, sometimes gloomy, aura permeates throughout, and the band’s odd tendencies remain, but this has all the feelings of a transitional work. Lyrics depart from the Voivod saga for more direct, easily relatable, yet cleverly constructed observations of social isolation, redundant negativity of media, and destructive environmental alterations, treated with the insight and imagination that is identifiable with the band, only simplified in harmony with the more approachable music, which, despite its apparent appeal to mainstream conventions, upholds the band’s trademark consistency and conceptual unity, and for that proves deceptively enduring.