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Controversial - 88%

BaronVonK, April 15th, 2003

I can see why Voivod fans would hate this album. If you go from angry thrash to something radically different, there's no guarantee that those who were with you for the angry thrash will be with you to whatever your new direction is. I however, am not a fan of older Voivod, but I do like the sound of this album.

The style of this album is somewhat hard to pinpoint, it's on the borderline of metal and non-metal and I guess the band it most closely reminds me of is Deep Purple in the 70s. Overall, it's a little more progressive and psychadellic than Deep Purple was as a whole and there's less noodling than if Ritchie Blackmore was involved, but they could easily cover Pictures of Home or Hush on this album and it would not sound the least bit out of place.
I mentioned that there's some psychadellia on here as well. Not heavy psychadellia just some moments remicient of the late 60s movement of psychadellia (but heavier of course).

Snake's vocals leave a little something to be desired, they're a bit nasaly and unrefined for the style of singing he's going for, but dispite that, he manages to create some catchy vocal melodies.

The bass lines are great as well. The Prow in particular sticks out as an example of some of the fine bass lines of the album. The same goes for the drumming (althogh to be honest with you, analyzing drumming is my weak point).

The guitar riffs are a bit weak, but if you're expecting something cookie cutter thrash metal, you will be disappointed. I do think they fit the sound that Voivod was aiming for here.

The first 2/3 of the album are stronger than the last 1/3 and it starts to trail off a little. This brings the album down some, but not much.

All in all, I'd reccomend this album if you're looking for something different, and are a classic metal fan who also enjoys some psychadellic stuff.