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Awesome Blackend Death/Doom! - 80%

absurder21, June 9th, 2012

Void Forger is a death/doom band out of Romania who has come to smash your soul and leave you gasping for air. The music found on their demo, Ruined, is more or less a collection of colossal, crunchy death/doom riffs that are crushing, apocalyptic and pure evil. Due to this tendency to write more sinister music, Void Forger sometimes find themselves playing treble-heavy, Norwegian Black Metal styled-riffs, that could easily be found on the likes of Anti-christ or De Mysteriis dom Sathanas. Sometimes they are played at proper black metal speed and other times they are integrated with the monstrous death/doom riffing. Although this is a predominantly death/doom record influenced by the likes of Winter and Asphyx, I find it is these points of black metal evil that I enjoyed the most on the demo. The combination of bone crushing riffs with black metal's ominous melodies and atmosphere is something that isn’t done often and in Void Forger’s case, done well. Funnily enough, the forces of the doom metal fuzz and black metals lower-fi production actually manage to come together perfectly here too, which I found surprising as it sounds like a terrible fusion in your head.

While the guitars manage to reach into both almost funeral doom level monoliths and thin, black metal pentagrams, the drumming is no different. Although the quicker paced aspects of the death and black metal drums are generally side lined (I have no recollection of any blast beats), drummer Volo does a perfect job mixing the more chilled out drum beats from the two extreme metal genres with doom’s thunderous march. But even though most of the drumming Volo does is to compensate the slower guitars, he still manages to always sound busy, never missing a beat and flowing with the tempo changes perfectly. The vocals on this are somewhat varied, generally being low and growled, helping to evoke the more demon-like aspects of the black metal influence, to guttural black metal croaks and even sludge metal-like hardcore punk yelling.

Since this is a demo it’s hard to really give a full prediction of what is to come for Void Forger. On one hand this is certainly a record I think fans of both Death/Doom and Black Metal will enjoy, but it does seem to be lack the punch to push me over the edge. I can’t particularly fault anything on this record, and I certainly enjoyed it, but I can’t say this particular demo made me a worshipper. But this is merely a demo and I find this style and Void Forger definitely, definitely have potential to make me a worshipper, as I can see these guys doing something grand and awesome as hell on an LP or even EP.

(Originally written for AXIS OF METAL