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A golden shower of prety-nice power metal - 85%

Crossover, December 18th, 2016

Voice are a pretty well-produced, typical German melodic power metal band. I am shocked nobody has touched any of their releases here. This is as streamlined and indicative of the genre as it gets.

They sound much like their contemporaries Freedom Call, Edguy, and Gamma Ray. Especially in the first track. Oliver Glas has a decent set of pipes despite frequently butchering the English language, especially on the ballad epic The Last Dance, which I consider a favorite from the album. It is a pretty soft AORish sounding tune with some nice feel-good melodies and atmospherics. It eventually gets heavy and ends with a tasteful horn solo. The lyrics are just a treat:

But now
When I need you like never before
What now
When my soul cries "No more"
No more walking hand in hand
No more the same fun with our friends
All that remains is the remembrance
To our last dance

Dreams are like a rainbow
A rainbow through good and bad times
Keep them forever
In your heart, in your soul and in your mind

The band take a more keyboard-oriented approach than some of their other German peers. Keyboardist Tilo Rockstroh has tasteful sounds, never getting TOO cheesy, and throws in some decent soloing as well. The band is musically competent for the most part, delivering tasteful riffs and melodies. The band really never let up on the good material on this album. It includes two bonus tracks. The rerecording of the track The Prediction is pretty damn good and it adds an additional spark to the album. The other bonus is more of a hard rockin' track and tends to be one of the more boring songs here. I think the only flaw here is that the choruses aren't consistently the highest-level catchy. But it isn't a huge deal because the overall sound is still good.

Overall if Edguy, Freedom Call, or any other melodic German power metal band suits your tastes this is a release that needs to be checked out. There are shortcomings with the lyrics, but everything else is quite competent.

Recommended Tracks: Golden Signs, Day of Trust, On My Way, Doubtful Times, The Last Dance, The Prediction.