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Something awesome marches in - 89%

KTMboyz, March 30th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, Digital, Season of Mist (Bandcamp)

When I found out that David Vincent of Morbid Angel, Rune Eriksen of Mayhem and Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy formed a supergroup, I absolutely lost it! I will admit, I was slightly skeptical, but that only lasted the millisecond it took for youtube to load up the Total Destroy single. Within the first 8 seconds of that song, I heard influences from all the aforementioned bands. I'm not kidding, it's crazy. 8 seconds in, and I was already convinced that this album is going to kick ass, and it wasn't even out yet! Now, with the release of their debut album, Something Wicked Marches In, I can fully back up that statement. This album does indeed kick major ass.

While I'm not as familiar with Mayhem and Cryptopsy as I am with Morbid Angel, I still can recognize Rune's style and Flo's style instantly. Fans will be happy to hear that every member's style is very present and balanced nicely throughout the record. It's as if the band collectively had the vision to make this album as great as they possibly could. Nobody is greedy or taking the spotlight; everyone adds something special to the album. Since the members of Vltimas have their roots in death metal and black metal, it's expected that this project would be a mix of both. However, this isn't your traditional blackened death metal album. It's not a death metal album with black metal elements, nor is it a black metal album with death metal elements. It is quite honestly a perfect blend of both styles; there is no "dominant sub-genre". This honestly had me worried when I found out who was in the band. I thought: "Well, Rune will want to make a black metal album, while David and Flo will want to make a death metal album, and so on" Adding on to what I said earlier, it's a well-balanced mix. This is getting a little long, but I'm just trying to say that the chemistry is fucking fantastic.

There is a haunting evil atmosphere throughout the album. Whether they're playing as fast and hard as they can, chanting ominously or slowing things down with some dark and dissonant chords, the album is always screaming: evil. Some of the slower melodies are sad and kind of nostalgic. But, I mean, we've got Rune Eriksen on guitar, so it makes sense. There is also quite a lot of groove here and that's the Cryptopsy seeping in. On top of that, it's all really tight and heavy. You don't know how happy I am to hear David Vincent's punishing growl soaring above a guitar with good tone. The last few Morbid Angel albums sound muddy, making this album the missing link between Altars of Madness and Blessed Are the Sick. You know what, I'm gonna add on to that: Something Wicked Marches In is basically a spiritual successor to Altars of Madness, Grand Declaration of War and None So Vile. Okay, maybe not None So Vile, or at least it is drum-wise because None so Vile is fucking chaotic. But then again, so is this album. Something Wicked Marches In is both chaotic and focused, which is great.

Overall, this album is everything you'd expect and more from the members of some of the most legendary extreme metal bands out there. The chemistry is great, the atmosphere is fantastic, it's chaotic, focused, tight and is not only headbang-worthy, but it is worthy of your nasty metal face. That is my seal of approval. I mean, what more is there to say? I've listened to it three times today! It's brutal, evil and really catchy. That millisecond of skepticism I had while waiting for it to load is easily the worst millisecond of my life. Something Wicked Marches In is out today, do yourself a favor and bow to it faithfully, and splendidly.