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Black star rising - 97%

cinedracusio, July 24th, 2005

Two of the Black Legions' behemoths united their power and hatred, creating one of the greatest black metal releases of all time. This is a true demonic massacre. Introducing the two "aces": Vlad Tepes and Belketre.
Tepes include in their music victorious melodies, that evoke the vision of a battlefield, the bloody fight and the glory that is achieved through suffering and courage. "Vladimir's March" is a great example. However, they are not so primitive as black often is. The riffs are well executed, and there are solos to be found in their songs, so you won't find them too monotonous. The definitive killer track is "Drink The Poetry Of The Celtic Disciple". Speedy, relentless, cool riffs, solos make for an intense experience.
Favorites include "Massacre Song From The Devastated Lands", "Drink The Poetry Of The Celtic Disciple", "Diabolical Reaps".
Belketre are raw. Very RAW. The guitar sound is thin and sharper than a spear, crushing the speakers. The drums have a loud sound, especially the cymbals, and there are some seriously fast rhythms that bring to mind a butcher that fucks the hell out of his prey. It is all about despair, repulsion, and sheer inhuman terror. The vocals are horrifying. The screams are incredibly powerful and venomous, at times the guy sounds like drowning in his own hate. Possibly the most powerful vocals EVER. Anyway, I liked Belketre more.
Check out "Guilty", "Night Of Sadness", "Those Of Our Blood".
Highly recommended for all evil kvltsters and mandatory for any fan of Legions Noires.