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Menacing, a true Black Metal ambush... - 98%

Nortt, May 17th, 2005

Les Legiones Noires have put out a lot of material - some terrible, some great. This release is the epitome of great Black Metal in the old school vein, and is by far the best LLN material to date.

Vlad Tepes kick the split off with the split "Vladimir's March." This song is a short, melodious instrumental, with Pagan overtones. The guitars are played with an almost "sorrowful" tone, and the drumming is nothing short of brilliant, in Black Metal standards, of course. The overall feeling of the song is that of a celebration, as Gommorah mentioned before. The next two songs, "Massacre Song from the Devastated Lands" and "In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness," are short, but brutal, songs that bombard the listener with Wlad's painful-and-hate filled vokills, slightly above the norm, simple, powerful, drumming, and "rock-ish", upbeat guitar riffs. Now for "Drink the Poetry of the Celtic Disciple." This is probably one of the most impressive Black Metal symphonies I have ever heard. The song starts off with a misanthropic guitar riff, and maintains this riffing, interlaced with short, speedy solos, The drumming constitutes simple blastbeats, with malicious, vocal overtones. Vlad Tepes maintain an old school, folk-ish vibe to their music throughout the entire split, and give the listeners an onslaught of pure fucking Black Metal.

Now, for Belketre's half of the attack. If there ever was a Black Metal band with members that sound certifiably insane, this would be it. Belketre disgust your ears with misanthropic and raw. This is almost painful to listen to, but that is not a bad thing. Belketre is what Black Metal is all about: hatred and despair. There is a substantial lack of bass to the production, but it adds more feeling to the music. The vocals are comparable to Krieg or Maniac Butcher, angst-filled and raspy, but maintain harmony. The guitars hiss with feedback, and the drumming is simple, but fits the music perfectly.

Overall, I prefer Vlad Tepes' side more, because of the raw, sorrowful, folk-inspired masterpiece they create with simple, old school Metal technique.

Favorite Tracks:
"Drink the Poetry of the Celtic Disciple"
"Under the Carpathian Yoke"
"Those Of Our Blood"