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666 - 99%

HASHCLOUD, January 10th, 2006

“March to the Black Holocaust”
Tragic Empire Rex / 2005

First of all, I tell you that this split is surely a classic, one of the few manifestations of the purest Black Metal. Listening to this cd is the invocation of the Evil.

The first edition came from EMBASSY RCORDS, being very limited and bootleged. TRAGIC EMPIRES REX (something like an official bootleger) has recently reissued this item , ten years after the original pressing.

Vlad Tepes begin “the crime” with an instrumental introduction that sounds like a melancholic march. The drumming is primitive. Then the first song begins with a rapid guitar riff, combined with intermediately screamed/almost gutural vocals that I don’t know why remember me of (good) greek black metal, like early VARATHRON or ROTTING CHRIST.

I must disagree of the reviewer before me that says “Vlad Tepes” rocks. Vlad Tepes plays an original style of Black Metal, much different from the norwegian post-InnerCircle era production. The insert of the cd says it all.

Other parts of the Vlad Tepes’ songs remind me a lot of old school Black Metal like VENOM and either BULLDOZER.

Another thing must be said: although the rough production, both bands on this play present a decent sound, with all instruments audible. This is very important for the appreciation of the emotional guitar solos that Vlad Tepes perform on some of their tunes.

Belketre makes its half of the cd a chapter a part, singing with scaring demoniacal vocals and playing a hypnotical distorted guitar timbre... Hell, what is that sound??? It looks like atmospheric black metal without keyboards in a precarious recording (4 tracks). These guys just play an original Black Metal which could be compared to masters such as BATHORY and BEHERIT, although more latin sounding!!! Another great “B” blasphemous, brutal band!

I just recommend this classic to the true Black Metal invokers!!! Praise Satan!!! Hail the BLACK LEGIONS cult!!!