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So special?? - 51%

darkinge, November 14th, 2007

Here it is another Vlad Tepes release, release of the band that is so praised in the black metal underground and so on… I must ask myself again – why??

Firstly I will try to avoid judging this album by production, because then I could finished my review already and gave it 0%. So I will try to focus on music or if I say better, the music I was able to hear.

All songs are much or less built around few riffs and some other apparently improvised parts (for which other fans claim that are not). I expected that this riffs will be something amazing, but they are far from that. I don’t have a problem if they are so simple, actually almost all good black metal riffs are. But these riffs are really basic and average and far from being original. They would be something special if they would be recorded ten years sooner maybe. But not in the year 1994. It looks that people forget that black metal was already very alive in this times. So I don’t see what makes Vlad Tepes so special. I will not even discuss further more about vocals and drumming because they are both very mediocre.

There is really not much to say about this album. There are some better demos from Tepes discography but they also aren’t something special. And they absolutely aren’t worth of money that people spend on them.