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Kooky, not really evil, but appealing. - 85%

Hellegion, December 15th, 2003

Here we have the demo from French (Black Legions) band Vlad Tepes, released by Full Moon Productions. The very first thing I thought of when I popped this in was "wow... the French Absurd". I really don't see how people don't make mention of this more often. It doesn't have a very "evil" feel to it (especially compared to their other releases and things such as Moevot, Torgeist, and Mutiilation that also spawned from this movement) and is actually quite upbeat. The riffs are very simple, but do not come off sounding boring or unoriginal- quite the contrary. The dual vocals are basically unnecessary, because at times they end up sounding annoying, especially considering that neither of them were very talented vocalists at this time. I'm reminded of the dual vocals on Absurd's Werwolfthron at times.

Production-wise, I think this is one of the better LLN releases... it's pretty clear, but does not lose that raw edge.

To end this, it's a good demo to get if you're looking for odd and youthful black metal, or if you like what you heard from this band on other releases.