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One word: RAW!!!!!! - 93%

Black_Metal_Bastard, June 4th, 2004

I love this fuckin album!!! What we have here is raw, cold, ugly black metal with heavy metal influence and some melodic guitar work in places. The production is actually not terrible, as with some of their other stuff, but it is still raw as fuck.

The vocals are shrieks for the most part. The drumming is actually pretty decent. There are even guitar solos throughout the album that remind me of some 80's metal. Behind the cruddy production these are some pretty good musicians here, but they don't flaunt us with fancy fills and virtuistic playing, but put their heart and soul into the simple riffs present here. Everything flows together very nicely. At times it sounds improvised, but this is probably not the case, as the song structures are actually worked out as it would seem.

I'd definately recommend this album, but don't pay ridiculous prices for it on ebay.