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....and then they were gone!!! - 80%

Metalbolic, November 20th, 2006

What is it with the cult legacy that is Wild Rags Records?!!! I am completely beside myself at first; the number of albums this label released in its short existence, then second; the truly masterful works that many of their bands possess!!
The only EP release by VITAM ETERNAM falls into this roster of must have albums! Granted, only the serious die hard fans of the genre or label will comb the earth for these highly rare, ( I must add when found, sometimes very expensive) titles, but VITAM ETERNAM is worth such effort.

VITAM ETERNAM is much an aquired taste. Similar in style to say Master's Hammer. Both bands have an odd vocal delivery, very hard to describe. It's almost like a "witch like" screeching then the traditional venomous rasping, but it somehow provides a finger nails across chalk board evilness and pain to it all. The compositions are majestic and epic. Supreme tales of pure pain mixed with darkened misery!

As for the production, everything sounds dark and haunting. Clear enough for quality play back, but retaining the essential "black metal only" rawness. It's really too bad that this band only gave the world of black metal, a mere 4 tracks, and like many of its label mates- disolved into obscurity.

Strait to the point, if you enjoyed "The Filemnice Occultist" by Master's Hammer, this will satisfy one's need for truly original black metal!!