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Vitalij Kuprij > High Definition > Reviews > vegeta9000
Vitalij Kuprij - High Definition

Orgasm of the Ears.. - 98%

vegeta9000, January 19th, 2008

Before finding this album, the only "neo-classical" player I really listened to was Yngwie.. and Yngwie is great and all, but I was in search for something new and fresh to blow me out of the water.. and this album did just that for me.

First off, the Compositional skills of Vitalij Kuprij combined with the Jazz-Fusion skills of Greg Howe compliment each other perfectly on this album. It is as if they are able to feed off of each others genius through out each track... which keeps every track on here interesting..

Some of the highlights on this album include "Symphony V," which I theorize Vitalij chose to sort of mock Symphony X, being that the part where the guitar comes in sounds similar to a Symphony X song, except Vitalij and Greg do so much more with it. A few other outstanding tracks include "Why?" and "Parallel in Time," which really show off the level of skill you are dealing with on this album.

All in all, if you play guitar, play keyboards, love neoclassical/jazz fusion, or just want to hear some masterful musicianship I strongly recommend checking this album out!