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Uninspired and repetitive - 67%

Niflhel, July 1st, 2007

What happens 4-5 minute songs become 7-9 minute songs? Boredom. Every song is played twice. 8 Minute songs are not automatically a recipe for being epic and this album proves it, painfully.

Glen Benton's vocal performance is uninspired to say the very least and is the main reason why hearing each song twice in a row is so boring.

The song structure is very predictable. The guitar work is very similar to Dechristianize. Let's see...Intro riff, typical verse riff, neo-classical-esque chorus, some uninteresting solo that seems to be the same on each song, rinse and repeat but replace the boring solo the second time around with an ending riff occasionally. Now couple that with a monotonous vocal and you can't even enjoy the song the first time around because by time you get to the chorus you start getting pissed that you're going to have to listen to it a second time.

If these songs were 5 minutes long this would be a pretty good release though the tired vocals would still hold it back.

If you're interested in checking out Vital Remains pick up Dechristianize.