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Promotes Christianity, and tooth decay - 20%

BloodIronBeer, March 25th, 2007

I'm re-writing this review because giving it a 5 was going a bit overboard, after all - I have to consider that there are bands like Trivium and Meshuggah in the world.

However that doesn't change the fact that this album is a chore. If you want to enjoy it, listen to one minute of a song, then skip to the next.

Drums: Do fills with pauses for riff to be played four times, come in with ceaseless blast beat with ceaseless double bass at 250+ beats per minute (that's tempo, not the actual hits on the snare) Do occasional "switch beat", at half blast beat speed to feign variety.

Vocals: Sound like an aging death metal icon who's lost any passion he may or may not have ever had for a lost cause to free humanity from Christianity. After singing 4 lines, use screams to back up the next 4 lines, because your vocals are airy and laughable and this might help to mask that fact. Write the same lyrics with different song titles about killing Jesus, even though he's already dead. Instead of actually making an intelligent argument against Christianity, simply continue to write lyrics about Hell, the apocalypse, and killing Jesus, because that of course, will convince everyone not to be Christians and not because that's what's expected of you, being the evil, evil, evil band you are (this isn't a complaint about this band alone, it's a complaint about all "Satanic" bands who don't say anything intelligent. They even say moderately intelligent things about it in interviews, but they're lyrics are all the same contrived junk. Seriously, if you really want to destroy Christianity, why not make a real, valid, and intelligent argument against it, rather than trying to piss Christians off and in turn just strengthening their beliefs, while all the 16 year old death metallers giggle about your childish lyrics, which of course, you've been repeating since you were their age. Morons.)

Guitar: Play rehashed death metal riff. Play it again. Play it again. Play it again. Play it again. Play it again. Play it again. Play it again. Perhaps play two more riffs the same amount of times and stretch them out to obscenely boring, repetitive songs and fail miserably at being at all epic.

Song writing: Don’t forget to make every song in the same key, at the same tempo, with a similar chord progression, with the same vocal pattern, and the same obtuse lyrics.

Yes, of course, it’s fast, the guitar solos are wicked (though very similar sounding) and yes it’s brutal. And those are the only reasons I give it any points at all. But other than that, no emotion, no intelligence, little creativity, no originality, no diversity, no song writing finesse and not a whole lot of talent. It's tiring, and worst of all it's contrived. This band really plays exactly what is expected of them. Minus originality, and variation.

And yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of death metal, I go through small phases of it here and there, but if this is great death metal, then I've really lost interest in ever hearing a new death metal band again.

It's unoriginal: they've released the same lyrics to the same music however many times now. It's predictable. It's contrived. The anti-Christian lyrics - great idea, really it is. In fact, it's one of my favorite lyrical themes, the problem is - it's not a new idea. It's an idea that's been done to death, and this band has beaten it into the ground like it was Christ himself. If you're really concerned with fighting against Christianity as you say in your interviews, you should probably be a tad more tactful and intelligent about it; and making your music an obsenely elongated chore doesn't help any.