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What's in the water in Rhode Island? - 95%

ozzeh, April 2nd, 2010

Underground is an adaquate synonym when describing Vital Remains' early output While their latter albums have been equally praised and hated due mostly to the love/hate relationship people have with Glen Benton, "Forever Underground" and "Dawn of the Apocalypse" are up to par with the best death metal releases of the mid-90's.

Gone are the superfluous elements which are contained in "Decristianize" & "Icons of Evil", replaced with a more streamlined, down-tuned fundamental death metal riffing sound-structure. The drums are far less triggered than on the aforementioned albums, thus featuring a diverse rythym base for all of the songs.

Tony Lazaro's malificent riffs are on point and godamnit if David Suzuki isn't the most talented instrumentalist to grace the death metal scene as evidenced by his impeccable drum beats and always mesmerizing guitar solos & leads. It's quite clear that Suzuki is not only classically trained but has been playing drums, guitar and bass since a child. While this album doesn't feature Segovia-like guitar like a la "Icons of Evil" the Phrygian-scale based solos are still fucking awesome.

The production is far from sterile and has a nice organic & gritty atmosphere which suits anti-christian death metal perfectly. The vocals are decipherable and very well done; all-in-all this is excellent music which hits the mark.