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Underrated demo! - 100%

deathmetal69_, April 5th, 2019

I never really took the time to listen to Vital Remains' pre-album stuff, I should've way sooner. All I can say about this demo is WOW, this is great stuff right here!

First of all let's start off with the atmosphere. Eerie, evil, horrific....just how it should be when it comes to old Vital Remains material, you need that evil and dark atmosphere. Secondly, the music transcends greatly, the musical ability is great! It shouldn't be exactly perfect playing as if on a studio album. This is a demo, it should be loose and fun to maintain that amazing demo vibe. Studio perfection isn't needed here at all, this demo is perfectly raw how it should be.

(old) Vital Remains is one of those band that likes to slow down and focus more on their musical originality and origin meaning of the music. It's good that there's some bands that do this, because not every death metal band should sound that way. With Excruciating Pain, the band presented their core style for their upcoming releases. More on the slower side, atmospheric and being true to their thoughts and beliefs; while still maintaining death metal status.

Let's talk about the songs, all the songs are good! They're all different, all played very well, and all got something different about themselves. This demo has variety and isn't boring or lame, score!

Now, the instruments. Guitars are great, they have the perfect tone and sound that goes along with the drums and everything else perfectly. The drums are good as well, the snare has that solid sound along with the bass drum, which makes a solid ground for every song. Also, this is one of those death metal releases that doesn't need blast beats and continuous energy. If you have the atmosphere (especially that), good lyrics to fit it, guitar parts that add on to the atmosphere of the music, and raspy vox that back up all that atmosphere and vibe, that's pretty much all you need in total. Not all death metal releases need blast beats and fast energy, and this demo proves that well.

The artwork on this demo is awesome as hell too. It's the perfect way to illustrate what excruciating pain looks like. Also a badass name for a demo too, Vital Remains did a great job putting out a demo like this. Great artwork, name, lyrics, music, etc. This is the whole package right here.

Excruciating pain and Vital Remains in general is VERY VERY underrated and overlooked. These guys got the talent and originality. It sucks how much people don't fully appreciate material like this, its highly needed and great. Once again, this is a good ass demo these dudes put out, VERY GOOD DEMO. Self-defining amazingness.

Recap: This demo has literally no flaws. The musical ability is great, all the songs are great, the sound of the instruments are fantastic, just how a demo should be. Such a great musical introduction for the legendary death metal titans vital remains.

If you're looking for a good demo to listen to, or are a Vital Remains fan looking for more stuff to listen to, I suggest you listen to this. 100% worth it. This demo is pure gold.