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Yeeeaaahhhhh! - 95%

darkandfoul, August 22nd, 2004

I know what I like, and I like this. The first thing I noticed about the album was the drumming. Whoa, fast!?! Yes, insanely fast. There’s been some speculation as to the way the drumming was recorded. Some say it was recorded and then sped up, which accounts for the high pitch of the snare. Others claimed it was a drum machine (nonsense!). Some say the drums were recorded, then the blast beats evened out. But I say it doesn’t matter, coz the totally insane drumming on this album sounds great, no matter how it was done! The other stand out for me is the length of the songs. Each is an epic, the shortest song (other than the intro) still clocking in at over five minutes.

Yes, the songs are fast. Yes, the album as a whole is totally brutal. But that’s not what makes this a good album (nor should it be). What does make this a great album is the intensity, the anger, aggression and hatred that spews forth from each song. At the same time, the guitars are surprisingly melodic for such a brutal album. Glen Benton’s voice is perfect, and you can feel his passion for the words he sings. This is a great release, and puts to shame Glen Benton’s last few efforts with Deicide.

Overall, this album is a killer. There’s no relent to the onslaught of the fast, epic length songs… just don’t attempt any head banging while listening to this, coz you may throw your neck out, permanently.