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The best Death-album of 2003...! - 97%

Herbstleyd, September 28th, 2004

With Deicide, most people tend to have a love/hate relationship, mostly thanks to the controversial nature of Glen Benton. Sadly, a lot of people have a tendency to carry their feelings towards Deicide with them in their opinion of Vital Remains, the other band (now) featuring Glen's insane vocals .

Which they really shouldn't. Because Vital Remains are great. This Century Media release is, In my humble opinion, easily the best Death-release of 2003, maybe only contended by Blood Red Throne's "Affiliated With the Suffering".

This album features Benton on insane growling propanganda, David Suzuki takes care of pretty much everything else; bass, the (occasionally very triggered) drums and lead guitar, while Tony Lazaro plays rhythm guitar.

The CD starts out with a small audio-segment depicting the crucifixion of Jesus, and rolls straight into the very aggresive and fast-pounding title-track "Dechristianize"; by now you have probably guessed the lyrical focalpoint of VR.

Like it or not, the songs all range from 6-10 minutes(except the intro), with an average of around 6½ minutes. This makes for a pretty untraditional Death Metal release, with very long solo passages allowing Lazaro and Zuzuki to display their supreme guitar-abilities.
While some might argue that this sometimes boarders on too long solos, I feel it is a delight to hear the musicians unfold all their skills.

One of my only problems with the album is the tendency to use some rather silly lyrics at times, but unlike most metal-people, I tend to believe that Benton really does hate this god-guy, making it acceptable.

As you've probably already figured out with my title, I think this is a very recommendable album; and if you have reservations about Benton, forget them for one hour and listen through Dechristianize. You might like it.