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Why the hate? This is downright perfect - 100%

TommyA, April 11th, 2007

After viewing all the negative reviews that "Eternal Endless Infinity" got around the net, I was very skeptical about buying it. However, since Visions of Atlantis were labeled as ‘Nightwish clones’ and I like Nightwish; I decided to give them a shot. After listening to it once, I agreed with most of the reviews. Although after three or four listens, I realized how amazing and underrated this album really is.

Even though Visions of Atlantis are slightly similar to Nightwish and Edenbridge, they’re not the same clones that a lot claim them to be. First of all, Nightwish started added symphonic elements to their music on "Century Child", which was released on the same year this was. Before that, they played operatic metal (which isn’t what Visions of Atlantis play). There are, however, unavoidable similarities between them and Edenbridge. Personally, I cannot stand Edenbridge and I like Visions of Atlantis. Nicole is way better and has a wider vocal range than Sabine. So, Visions of Atlantis are slightly similar to Edenbridge, yet it doesn’t mean that you’ll like them if you enjoy Edenbridge’s music. My case is the other way round; I despise Edenbridge and enjoy Visions of Atlantis’ music.

Let’s move on to the music; it is melodic power metal. It’s very fast-paced (most of the time) and it’s heavier than Nightwish or Edenbridge. Keyboards (which are flawless) play a very big part of the music. The drum work is also amazing (I never really care for drumming, but it really stands out here). Overall, the music has a very ocean-like feel to it, which makes it perfect for the band’s name and the artwork (which, by the way, is one of the best I’ve ever seen).

Even though the music is flawless, I wouldn’t have given this album a rating higher than 70 if it wasn’t for the amazing Nicole Bogner. Her soprano vocals are very similar and equally great to Tarja Turunen’s. In fact, on "Atlantis Farewell", Nicole chants a mermaid tune that makes me doubt whether Tarja can even pull it off. Besides Nicole, there is also Christian Stani; the male vocalist. He plays as big a part of the songs as Nicole (given that most of the tracks are duets). His vocals are a million times better than the ones present on their latest offering; "Cast Away". On "Seduced Like Magic", Christian’s voice stands out a lot.

The lyrics of "Eternal Endless Infinity" revolve around a tale similar to Disney’s "The Little Mermaid" (it’s not as girly, don’t worry). However, they’re not as straight-forward as they might sound. In fact, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I would label them as poetic. My favorite lyrics are on "Atlantis Farewell"; where the girl is leaving Atlantis and her thoughts and actions are shown (you probably figured that out in the song title).

The album contains 10 tracks. None of the tracks sound the same, yet there are obvious similarities between each one (otherwise that would make the album pretty inconsistent). From the first listen, only 3 songs will catch your interest; "Lovebearing Storm", "Mermaid’s Wintertale" and "Lords of the Sea". However, the others will sound equally amazing after a few spins. My personal favorite track is "Atlantis Farewell". It’s a beautiful track which shows the beauty in Nicole’s voice. It’s been among my top 25 songs for a long time now. "Lovebearing Storm" and "The Quest" are also album highlights. Seriously, every track is perfect.

In conclusion, "Eternal Endless Infinity" is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. It’s an underrated masterpiece. Ignore all the negative reviews around the net; it’s much better than they say it is. All it needs is a few extra spins, that’s all. I’d also suggest their latest album "Cast Away". However, it’s not as perfect as this is.

"Fare thee well, my sweet Atlantis
For our paths will cross again
This goodbye now will not last
And the day of my return
Is so sure as it can be"