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Vision Divine - 3 Men Walk on the Moon

Hoped for more - 60%

Maeguk, January 30th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2019, Digital, Scarlet Records

I was super excited to learn about the new musicians added to Vision Divine and was looking forward to their future materials. This is the second single after the member changes and the picture is not anymore that sharp.

I am a sucker for science especially for space related science, so I always jump on stuff that includes this topic. I myself have been writing space themed lyrics for a decade now. Personally, I feel it never hurts if the lyrics portray something symbolic and aim for the mind instead of shoving the words down the throat of the listener as such.

Let us start with the facts, since this piece is about Apollo 11, it is true that onboard the spacecraft there were 3 people, but Michael Collins stayed in lunar orbit and never stepped on the Moon’s surface. Thus, the proper song title should be 2 men walk on the Moon. Or, if considering all the Apollo missions, 12 men walk on the Moon. Whoever wrote the lyrics should be precise next time.

In fact, the lyrics feel just like rough-and-ready with sentences like “The panorama is breathtaking though…” (feels cringy). “Saturn V pushed up strong at rocket speed” . What rocket speed might be I wonder? Also, “all the mountains look so damn high” . While understandable in context as probably the writer wanted to express the geographical wonders of Moon’s desolation, however we must know that the mountains on the Moon are not higher than 6,5km (4 miles), so nothing extraordinary. Olympus Mons on Mars with its 21km (13 miles) height would be a far better target of adoration.

The music itself is a mid-tempo Sonata Arctica Black Sheep style banzai but this time we do not hear Ivan’s soaring high notes. Instead, the vocal melodies are rather dull, one dimensional, the chorus does not punch, this is mediocrity and that is not right. Angel of Revenge was such a promisingly looking effort, I strongly hope the guys did not shoot out all their gun powder with it.