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An epic followup to an epic debut! - 92%

A11HAV3FA113N, February 9th, 2018

I had very high expectations for Visigoth's followup to "The Revenant King". Luckily, I can say that those expectations were met! Visigoth manages to bring a fun and possibly better (albeit shorter) album! The album starts with Steel and Silver, and you are immediately hooked! Every song on the album has great melodies, hooks, lyrics, and compositions! Every member performs their part exceptionally well!

One thing I recognized on Conqueror's Oath, is that there is more emphasis on lead guitar work compared to it's predecessor, and it is a change I welcome with open arms. There are plenty of Iron Maiden-esque harmonies throughout the album, but at no point do they feel forced, and they flow exceptionally well throughout the album! The production is also vastly superior in my opinion compared to The Revenant King! It feels like it carries more weight in a good way, and not to the point of being over-polished and compressed to death.

Like I said earlier, the album is noticeably shorter (almost 20 minutes shorter); as well as the songs, with only 3 of them surpassing 6 minutes. Deciding to make the album shorter works in it's favor as there are no filler tracks, the songs don't feel too long, and it doesn't overstay it's welcome.

Overall, Conqueror's Oath is an extremely fun album to listen to and is one of the best albums I have heard this year so far!

Highlights include:

Steel and Silver
Traitor's Gate