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pretty good man - 83%

caspian, May 27th, 2019

Didn't like this too much on the first few listens but I'm glad I gave it a few more goes. The last Visigoth full length was about as interesting as watching grass grow and had even less riffs, and while a 10 minute EP/snippet perhaps doesn't rectify that it's a very promising sign for their next full length.

A nice balance between the first album's drawn out epicness and the attempted anthemic/straight forward stuff off Conqueror's Oath. For a two song EP there's a big ol' amount of real good riffs, little dual guitar parts squeezed in everywhere; they've jammed a lot of ideas into two songs but kept things real tight. Less bombastic perhaps than their normal stuff, but I'm very fine with that, it's hardly restrained, it just seems more focused on a nice narrative flow in the songs as opposed to hitting you over the head with the biggest chorus possible. Not to say these guys were ever completely derivative or anything but it really feels like they're starting to get their own sound really well established, which is cool; USPM + a bit of glam + a bit of manowar + a tendency to play as many thirds as possible instead of power chords. Sign me up!

Combined with the nicely rough and raw production and it's a really enjoyable little EP. Highly worth seeking out.