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Abyss Walkers - 90%

GuntherTheUndying, May 24th, 2019

Visigoth is hotter than a kindled bonfire. Visigoth roared with "The Revenant King" and "Conqueror's Oath" as though from the soul of a lord, records of simplistic heavy metal full of dimension and depth. "Bells of Awakening" is more of the same, but rest assured Visigoth is far from falling deep into the depths. These two songs are stellar cuts of Visigoth doing what Visigoth was born to do; the EP's small running time cannot stop the ceaseless discharge of brazen heavy metal. "Fireseeker" and "Abysswalker" cater to a straightforward, almost minimalist heavy metal structure conjuring reflections of Omen, Dio, and Manilla Road, among others. The songs are structured similarly and revolve on choruses backed up by the fire of passion. "Fireseeker" and "Abysswalker" stick to structures and ideas utilized by several groups, yet Visigoth's energy slices through as though swung like a greatsword. Each and every bridge and part boils with a firestorm of hunger, making these tracks magnetizing staples that are among the best the band has created. "Abysswalker," especially, imbues this style with a magic hitherto unseen.

I don't remember anything the band has done thus far affecting me this much. The riffs are not the most creative guitar sequences in the metal realm, straightforward and simple as they are, but Visigoth is the prime mover when it comes to writing massive anthems. The choruses sound glorious. Basic songwriting twists and turns are molded into bombastic, vigorous chaos orbs of heavy metal glory. Visigoth is not a band of complex rhythms or riffs from an ancient well buried by time or dust, but they do cast the power within, boasting energy that protrudes as though iron flesh. Visigoth is a fantastic band, and their march mimics that of an unstoppable iron golem.

"Bells of Awakening" sticks to the same simplistic formula Visigoth has carved in stone and reinforces it to its capacity. Visigoth has solidified itself as a demon of song, carrying the flame in the face of the dark that could snub it out at any moment. "Bells of Awakening" is gushing with quality, and it presents an exciting preview of the painted world to come.

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