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Push Ever On, Raise Your Sword, Become The Bane Of The Abyss - 83%

CHAIRTHROWER, May 25th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2019, Digital, Metal Blade Records

"...It is my solemn charge to guard the flame
Into aphotic depths I ride to meet my fate..."

So it is; in this verily exalted - not exiled - case, I speak of Salt Lake City, Utah's Visigoth and its terrifically compact, as well as ever-throttling, dual track(ed) digital/7" vinyl release (under Metal Blade Records), comprised of the briefer "Fireseeker" and slightly longer, not to mention considerably more epic, "Abysswalker".

Although justice has been duly served, here at MA, in its prophetically seizing regard, cannot help but share celebrated opinion the former, A Side ditty sounds truly cut from the same fluently rampant n' raw, albeit intensely melodious, cloth as Arch Enemy's Burning Bridges - in particular, the alchemically necrotic British wiz'ards' magnificent triptych comprised, to my ears, of "Pilgrim", "Silverwing" and, perhaps, a tad bit of "Angelclaw".

Right off the bat, the crystal clear and super sharp, angularly riffed guitar parts come flying outta the gate like bats outta Hell, specifically in the form of richly harmonious twin axe solos, juxtaposed over galloping American power metal rhythms buoyed by a larger-than-life battery, of which, dare exclaimeth, the bass is fully, if not gallantly, heard. The drums show powerful restraint, too, in allowing both vocalist and guitars the room and impetus to drive things forward...And do they ever, on both!

The starker, as well as much faster, direct and battle-some "Abysswalker" puts more emphasis on atmosphere which depicts somewhat of a mountainous, wintry saga amidst far-flung nether Worlds still adhering to antiquated, Middle-Age era War etiquette and charisma. (Knightly jingoistic-ism is more like it!). Truth be told, this latter piece, for its relevant part, fits way better within Visigoth's inherent realm, found so enticing on both its 2015 full-length debut, The Revenant King, in addition to briefer and denser 2018 sophomore release, Conqueror's Oath. This notably pertains to Jake Rogers' frostily stentorian, viking affecting vocals, alongside overall metallic tinge to the song itself.

Plainly, Visigoth's Bells of Awakening EP is worth picking up, or even just sampling once, whether you're a dyed in the wool trad-meets-USPM rivet head or general garden-variety minstrel.

(Visibly, our wizened skeletor friend up yonder omitted heeding the call...)