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A competent brutal death metal release - 80%

DomDomMCMG, October 26th, 2012

Visceral Throne are yet another up and coming brutal death metal band, just in case we didn't have plenty already. What do Visceral Throne offer that other bands don't? Truthfully? Nothing. This is nothing new or spectacular, but for what it lacks in originality, it makes up for in enjoyability. Just under 28 minutes of catchy, groovy and technical brutal death metal.

The album begins like many albums of this style do. A slow ominous build up before launching straight into a crushing riff and blistering blasts. While the band have the basic guitarwork of this style nailed down with the tremolos and the technical licks, the band also like to throw in some grooving slams as well as quite a few solos. More solos than most bands have been using recently, anyway. The solos on this album are quick bursts of sweeps that really do show this band wanting to stand out over the thousands of uninteresting bands out there. Transcending Carnality is the best example of this, featuring quite a few instances of brilliant shred. The bass is there but only just. It is it times quite muffled by everything else.

The drums are reasonably fast and decent, avoiding the formula of non-stop blasting and actually mixing the blasts with technical fills, but the snare sounds terrible and really drags the album down a couple of points.

Lastly the vocalist. I find it hard to describe his style. It is certainly very guttural, but I just can't find anything to compare it to. He doesn't change it up much either but this is one of those rare cases of a guttural vocalist not needing to change into a variety of inhuman noises to avoid just being there. The grunts are more powerful than your average Matti Way wannabe.

Okay so production and lack of any major originality aside, this is still a solid slab of brutal/technical death metal. Fans of extreme metal who may be sick of all the ridiculously sweepy tech death bands or the boring brutal death metal bands that are all guttural and slams and no substance then pick up this album by Visceral Throne.

Highlights: Omniscient Asperity, Epitaph, Transcending Carnality, Conceptual Metamorphosis

For fans of: Insidious Decrepancy, Suffocation, Abnormality, the last Abominable Putridity album