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Visceral Mass - Visceral Mass

Flesh Eating Deceased - 80%

Nattskog7, August 7th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Independent

Visceral Mass have spewed forth from the death metal underground their debut EP.

Raw guitars come in with the mid-tempo grime that immediately brings the Bolt Thrower influence into the sound with pummelling drums and visceral growls, snarling through the crushing riffs. It is abundantly clear that Visceral Mass only intend to portray the most obliterating old school death metal morbidity with their debut EP of rotten carnage. Filthily produced to have the raspy quality of the 90s, the melting pot of cataclysmic riffing, diverse drum onslaughts and guttural grunts is fantastically brutal in a way that does not rely on anything but tight musicianship, infectious hooks and meaty production values.

Each of the tracks offers its own unique brand of pungency to the EP, grinding out malevolence and contagiously heavy death metal with effortless ease. The abrasively gruesome material is backed up by a solid performance that reeks of offal from the crypts of death metal purism, spewing only the most foul and classic sounds forth with no regard for modernity. Vomitous and utterly devastating, this short but sonically satisfying EP has all the brutality and variety one could hope for from a band in this vein. No expansion, no progression, just skull-pounding death metal that hammers you into the abyssal realm of macabre musicianship.

To say this is a hopeful debut from the band would be an understatement. Sure the overall execution could be a little more refined but this is a tiny critique of a marvellously executed EP. Plenty of killer ideas, ferocious musicianship and a violent outcome that delivers the goods and rampages through four putrid songs with precision and grooviness. A tremendous first impression from Visceral Mass.

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