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Remnants Revived - 50%

dyingseraph84, June 14th, 2010

Visceral Bleeding is one of many ultra technical death metal bands you hear about nowadays. These guys hail from Sweden and feature members of the awesome Spawn of Possession. I have listened to this album front to back about 4 times and all I can say is, what is the point? I commend this band's skill level but seriously guys, enough is enough.

Remnants Revived did not leave any impression on me what so ever. When I was through with this album I could not remember one riff, lead, or vocal line contained within. Visceral Bleeding sounds a lot like newer Cannibal Corpse fused with Suffocation. The blast beats never stop and the drum work while impressive, does the same thing over and over again.

The guitar work is played at a blistering pace and does not slow down at all. Sure this stuff is brutal, but without any riffs you can't remember a single thing from it! I assume the bass follows the guitar, I'm not really sure because the production doesn't allow the bass to breathe. The production actually caters to the guitars, and that's a good thing because they are the most technical instrument.

If I had to pick a best song, I guess I would go with the cover of the Dismember classic, Dreaming in Red. That's not a good sign if the best song on your album or compilation is a fucking cover. That just goes to show you that all the technical ability in the world won't do you any good if you don't have the riffs to back it up.

The 50 points score you see above is a reflection of the band members abilities. There is no doubt about it these guys can play their asses off, they just don't write good songs. There's just not much on here that is going to make you want to listen to this multiple times. For fans of newer Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh, and Spawn of Possession.

Remnants Revived - 69%

immortalshadow666, November 10th, 2006

I really don’t know why this release is considered to be a new release, when it is just a re-release with some bonus tracks. Still, far be it from me to tell an established band what to do.

It’s certainly an extreme record, no question about that. The guitar tone is extremely gritty, and should satisfy most fans of the usual brutality and violence on their CDs. The drumming isn’t that great. The beats are quite boring and don’t add much to the music. Though it isn’t actually BAD per se, neither the speed nor technicality, are greatly impressive and seem to just fade into the background as the disc continues on.

I must admit, there is some magnificently technical work on here, particularly with the guitars, that really showed me how things should be done in terms of skill. There are passages in “Remnants Revived” that are up there with the most talented metal bands ever. Examples of this include on the opening track, “Spreader of Disease”, as well as “To Disgrace Condemned”, the latter of which has a distinctly neo-classical feel to it, particularly in the intro. “Carved Down To The Bone” is another strong point of the record. Bass is actually quite good. Like the guitars, the tone is very good and fits the style very well, and the music is executed with precision.

Still, there is material here that is more likely to simply make you switch it off. This shouldn’t ever be the case – even really consistently boring records don’t often have songs that make you switch off and yell in frustration. The title track (on the old record) “Remnants of Deprivation”, is for the most part a boring chug-fest that will pretty much result in the aforementioned actions. This is the extreme case, but there are lesser examples of this, such as “Time to Retaliate”.

I find the lyrics to be rather silly. They seem to be mere flattery of Cannibal Corpse, with nothing really intelligent or unprecedentedly fresh to say. Some violence here, some gore there, some anger over there, the usual sort of lyrics that exist solely to make an impact rather than do something constructive with the music.

The actual vocals themselves are even more of a letdown. The ordinary growls are hard enough to comprehend, even whilst reading the lyrics, but Dennis Röndum sounds like a pissed off rooster at some points. He makes the perfect noise of a death growling chicken (literally), and you can’t do anything really other than sit there and laugh at the sheer ridiculousness. I am a fan of most guttural vocals, but the ones here are just stupid sometimes.

Basically, “Remnants Revived” is something strictly for fans of the genre. For those that are, and don’t mind the same style being churned out time after time, band after band, it is unlikely to disappoint. But for those that aren’t pretty passionate about this style of death metal, you’re probably likely to find it as boring and unintentionally slightly humorous as I did. The new record contains some video clips and a couple of bonus tracks, including covers of some Cannibal Corpse and Dismember classics. Added is a re-recorded version of “Carved Down To The Bone”, and this helps the album to clock in at about 37 minutes. This means the original version came in at a bit over 26 minutes – best downloaded, or barely worth being bought on sale at a very cheap price, considering the length, quality and inconsistency. Only one track is in addition of 3 and a half minutes, and that’s the opener, leaving not a whole lot of time in which to enjoy or hate the music (whatever your feelings are if you go ahead and listen).

Still, along with Spawn of Possession, this record is better than 95% of the horseshit, cloned, generic, mostly talentless metal that comes out of Sweden today. Kudos (and some extra points) to them, for that at least.