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Sake and Pizza - 30%

Cat III, June 6th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Brutal Mind (Reissue)

Viscera Infest's first, and as of yet only, demo includes four tracks, but only two songs, both of which appeared later on their debut LP Sarcoidosis. Since it was recorded in 2005, the production isn't awful, and since they play brutal goregrind, the production didn't majorly improve when the songs were recorded for the album. That only leaves differences in composition and performance to make this release of possible interest to Viscera Infest fans. On those counts, the demo fails too. The songs are structured more or less the same as on the album and they're not performed remarkably different. One thing stood out: an early section of “Mening Ovascular Heurosyphilis” includes Ryo Himeno's typical shrill warbling instead of the absurd squeaks he lets out on the album version. While these demo songs don't offer enough new to comment on, let alone recommend, they are good choices of songs, including the band's trademark jumble of pounding guitars, beastly and unhinged vocals from two mouths, blasts, grooves, and jackhammer drums with a snare that produces more pings than you'll find in a bureau of the CCP. “Glomer Rulonephritis” is especially good, with its slow section featuring sinister death riffs and black rasps.

There are a few superficial differences. “Mening Ovascular Heurosyphilis” doesn't include a sample, where the album version starts with indistinct clattering and then the sound of a chainsaw, something the song works fine without. “Glomer Rulonephritis” still includes a sample, but on the demo it's a reverbed-to-hell recording of a woman gasping and panting, seemingly struggling to traverse some area, while the album is less stereotypical, starting the song with the hymnal singing of a young boy. Then there's the intro and outro tracks. The intro outgrosses all the medical gore photos they use for their covers with the most disgusting thing imaginable: mukbang. All that slurping, munching and snorting is revolting. Utter vomit. The outro seems to be excerpted from an interview, with distant chatter in the background suggesting maybe it was conducted in a sparse convention hall. It's in Japanese so no idea what they're saying. This demo CD includes a little over six minutes of music, all of which can be heard on a thirty minute album that would be a better use of your money, so unless you live in some year before 2007 when that album was released, or if this demo's absence burns a crater into your completionist heart, don't bother.