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Virus (Nor) - The Black Flux - 100%

Avestriel, February 5th, 2009

While most of these songs, at least partially, are (or should be) well known by people who enjoy Ved Buens Ende...., since they released some of them as a demo rehersal back in 2006, they are now reborn and niptucked under this new release from weird rock/metal band Virus. And well, I have to admit that while I enjoyed this throughoutly, I kinda expected more from them, judging by their fabulous debut and what I listened in the previously mentioned demo. I especially wish they would have reused the untitled track from that rehersal, which was by far my favourite. But anyways onto the music itself shall we.

Well anyone that has listened to this band's debut isn't going to be very surprised while listening to this album. The style is basically the same, only this time the band sounds more relaxed and at the same time more focused on making great music in their own style rather than trying to define that style, which seems to be what the first album is about (other than, well, having fun). The bass is still a very important and prominent part of the music, taking the front place, right along with the guitar, seeming to blend with eachother from time to time. The drumming in this album takes it slow most of the time, only limiting itself to the chore of keeping the rythm and laying down on jazzy showoffs. I myself would like to listen to more of these jazzy showoffs but hey who am I to tell this guy how to do his job.

So while this album is a clear continuation of the previous album, it seems to bring some changes to the pace and overall feeling of the music. While the first album seemed more "happy" and "fun", this one invokes a slightly darker feeling (as dark as a band which has written "cars and dogs" as their "lyrical themes" can be), and that seems to point towards an evolution for the band, some could say they have "matured" and some could say they've gotten even more insane. Whatever it is that's going through these guys' heads, they still have the skills and mind to come up with wonderful and unique music. And this album surely is a testament of that.