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The Agent that shapes Perfection - 86%

VII, March 30th, 2011

There is a God! And he listens to the name Czral! It took Virus three years to come up with The Agent that Shapes the Desert. This time they did it all by themselves. Without a big label behind them, Virus took control of everything. Fans were able to make orders even before the album was recorded. The earned cash was spent on a nice looking digipack (which is hard to read), a vinyl edition and brand new merchandise.

The Agent that Shapes the Desert again is truly Virus, but better and perhaps also more easy listening than both predecessors. Don’t get me wrong; it’s still avant-garde jazzy rock and metal, hard to compare with any other bands apart from Czral’s legendary ex-band Ved Buens Ende. But this time the sound structures are more naturally, fluently and some patterns even haunt inside your head for days. Previously it took many spins to remember the incomprehensible music. Like no other Virus blend jazzy drums and bass lines with mysterious and dissonant guitar chords. The guitar sound is thin and crystal clear. Perfect to discover new magic each listening! Almost all vocals consist of multiple layers and, excuse me, they sometimes remember me of System of a Down. In Call of the Tuskers Ulver frontman Rygg takes care of some really nice and fragile vocal parts. Beautiful!

Fans of Virus will not be disappointed. The Agent that Shapes the Desert doesn’t hold any bad track. People who like their music adventurous without sounding too proggy, should go for Virus as well. Only for their originality you should check it out! A true masterpiece!