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Virtue > We Stand to Fight > Reviews > nightzblood
Virtue - We Stand to Fight

Killer NWOBHM - 90%

nightzblood, April 2nd, 2008

Virtue's single came out rather late in the NWOBHM movement, but it remains one of the strongest singles of the entire genre. Housed in an eye-catching picture sleeve, both songs live up to the promise of the artwork. 'We Stand to Fight' is the better song in my opinion, with the incredible guitar intro giving way to a galloping riff that gets the blood pumping before the vocals even kick in. The singer has a strong, clear voice similar to the vocalists of Hollow Ground and Trident. Musically, comparisons can be made to early Satan, Trident's 'Destiny' and some of the faster, less commercial-friendly songs performed by Tokyo Blade in their early days. Unlike so many NWOBHM singles, the B-side lives up to the A-side. 'High Treason' picks right up where 'We Stand to Fight' left off, letting the guitars propel the song along. This song is a little heavier and a little less catchy than the A-side, but is still a solid tune in the same musical style as the A-side.

This single didn't catch on with collectors as early as many NWOBHM items (possibly due to its late release date), but it is now widely conisdered one of the essential pieces of NWOBHM vinyl. The single is featured on the Heavy Metal Obscurities CD series.