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Virtue > Fools Gold > Reviews > DanielG06
Virtue - Fools Gold

Don't Trust Your Eyes - 99%

DanielG06, June 6th, 2022

Despite containing only 5 songs in their discography, Virtue is one of my favourite bands of all time, and this demo exemplifies why. They are one of the very few bands to truly perfect the NWOBHM, and while their releases definitely do suffer from production-related limitations, the music is so damn flawless that it's easy to look past the sound quality. Firstly, there's no filler here. No overblown ambient intro or boring, meandering middle sections that last for 7 years. Right from the second you press play, Fools' Gold begins with epic riffing and ends with epic riffing. Of course, riffs don't automatically make an album perfect; the rest of the aspects need to be up to par, whether it be tight recordings, cohesion, songwriting/structure ability and how the record overall sounds as a finished product. Bearing this in mind, Fools' Gold doesn't disappoint in any of these ways. Each song has its own bulk of extremely strong material, as well as a showcase of ambitious structure and memorability, despite their short lengths.

With seldom filler riffs, each song prevents itself from stagnating and becoming boring due to overuse of verses/choruses, or too much repetition of a riff that just isn't very good. Instead, Fools' Gold remains to be one of the most consistent releases ever recorded, due to its high energy and emotive ornamentation. The actual recordings are seriously tight and controlled for such fast and technical songs. While the noisy and compressed production does inhibit the potential of these songs slightly, the mix itself is above average, as none of the instruments dominate over one another, and even the vocals have the right amount of effects without becoming oversaturated or burying the rest of the mix. Hideaway is my personal track, as it takes all of these qualities as far as possible, with its high-pitched and soaring main riff and unforgettable chorus, which shows how effective this band is at writing great heavy metal. As far as metal goes, I will die on the hill that this is one of the best releases ever made, regardless of whether or not it's a demo.