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Takes some time to get into - 90%

VonSeux, July 22nd, 2007

Visions of Eden is somewhat a weird album. Many people complained about it not being heavy, the electronic drums, and the weak guitar work. Yes, you may think that on a first listening, but Virgin Steele is a band that from Marriage of Heaven and Hell to House of Atreus pt. II achieved a state of art Metal, and art is not a thing for first impressions.

The main thing people should realize about this album is that it's a piano based work. Defeis seems to have written all songs by his piano and then called Edward Pursino to make it Metal. This is not a bad thing, but surely a different one. All riffs here are doubled by the guitar from its piano source, which is heavier in the mixing, causing this estrangement.

In my opinion it's genius, no other 'epic' band show this real classical influence as Virgin Steele, no other band deserves better the name of Metal Opera, or Barbaric Romantic Opera as they call themselves.

The only real letdown in this album is the drums. They are simply dull and only fits the music as rhythmic accompaniment. Either if it's trigged or programmed, it could have some more personality. Bass Guitar is audible for the first time on a VS album, but once again, the album focus is on Piano.

As for the songs, Immortal i Stand is 100% quality Virgin Steele, one of the best in the band's career. Adorned With The Rising Cobra, tough very long, gives us the best piano riff (!!) from the album. Another highlights must be given to Bonedust and The Hidden God. Also to When Dusk Fell and God Above God which are two of the best ballads Defeis ever made.

Running at 80 minutes, with very long songs and different mixing, this album might get a while to understand, but believe me. It's awesome.